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Hello people :)
so today was day number two with this whole new healthy kinda life style I'm trying to to go on, and honestly like every time I want to eat something its like this voice in my mind keeps telling me you're going to gain weight if you eat this or if you eat that, so today I still haven't eaten anything since breakfast and the day is almost over and my body feels like crap, about 4 months ago I went on this liquid diet, have you ever heard of it? 
it's this diet that you have to stop eating anything solid for like 47 days, I went on it for about 7 days, and I lost about 4 kg, and I still haven't gained them since, because I am the type to lose weight and gain it fast after, but I haven't gained it back yet, and its like since then I have developed this thought that I'm only going to lose weight if I stopped eating.. so lately I can't keep anything in and even if I eat something and end up not throwing it up 15 mins later I end up feeling guilty all day long, any advice about food? HELP ! 

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Posted on 09:38AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
You need to eat. Fruits and Veggies. I started changing my diet in the last few weeks and getting active on the treadmill and the weight is coming off... slowly, but it is coming off. I loaded My Fitness Pal on my mobile and it helps me track calories and decide if it is worth it or not. You don't want to have an unhealthy weight and a liquid diet may not be your best option
Posted on 12:47PM on Dec 2nd, 2012
lately I have made a lot of research about diets and what's good and what's bad and you're probably right but it is a struggle sometimes
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