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Okay, so today is day 5 and it was the most horrible day ever! 
I threw up twice, I haven't eaten anything all day, my head is about to explode and I have to pull an all nighter because I have a final exam tomorrow and I am not even close to being ready for it! 
everyday I wake up saying it's going to be different everyday I wake up saying it's going to be a good day and everyday I end up feeling so bad about myself, and about the fact that I am not normal, Normal people don't do this to themselves! normal people go out and have fun and enjoy themselves! I AM NOT NORMAL! 
I keep myself down all the time, I never think I am good enough to do anything! and right now I am so alone and so worried about my life and passing my exams and making everyone around feel like nothing is wrong with me! 
this is not normal for a 17 year old girl is it? 

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